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HR Self-Service systems for current and future generations

Paul Smitherman |

It’s an obvious choice to use mobile HR self-service scenarios as an extension for current and future generations of employees. This corresponds with one of the HR trends for ‘permanent flexibility’. Flexibility involves rethinking how work is done and who will do it.

Generations Y (Millennials) and Z, but also all of us, are used to using their smartphone on a daily basis. Having to go to a desktop computer or write an e-mail to request leave or to change address details causes a disconnect between employees and your HRIS system. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could request leave directly from your smartphone? Have mobile access to your digital employee file? Respond to feedback requests from your phone?

Mobile services: an opportunity for HR Performance

Going mobile with SAP SuccessFactors gives you:

  • Approved workflows
  • Instant feedback at any time
  • Ability to align and update goals
  • Give rating(s)
  • Request and look at your leave balance
  • View your personal and employment information
  • Give badges
  • Scroll through the organisational chart and click on employees to read more about them
  • Have access to HR analytics.

It’s not only a way to expand access, but also see it as an opportunity to enable people to work differently and in a more up to date way. This corresponds directly with the expectations of the work experience for Generations Y and Z. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices will become the go-to computing devices.

A secure mobile experience

A main reason companies are currently not adopting HR apps on smartphones relates to the issue of security. People want to know ‘how secure is my data?’. However, most organisations now using Cloud solutions achieve the same security standards for their smartphone apps. The apps have password protection(s), touch IDs and require re-authentication after a period.  Sometimes a smartphone app must be activated (‘linked’) from the ‘desktop’ application.

SuccessFactors, the HR cloud solution, offers a secured App for iOS and Android which you download from the Apple or Google store. With the SuccessFactors App it is now possible to do your HR as a self-service on a smartphone. The SuccessFactors App is also part of our Ready-To-Run HR template.

Have a look at how SAP SuccessFactors mobile takes HR beyond enterprise boundaries to create a collaborative and social experience, enhancing your business effectiveness:


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