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Engage your customers beyond CRM with SAP Hybris Suite for Customer Engagement & Commerce
How can you engage your customers who interact across an increasing array of platforms? CRM and other marketing tools are a first step to efficiently capitalize and optimize your information, but each customer journey is unique.
Accelerate your customers’ engagement and the growth of your company with the SAP Hybris Suite for Customer Engagement & Commerce. The SAP Hybris CEC Suite goes beyond CRM by integrating the management of new sales channels, suggesting personalized customer experiences and subsequently enhancing your sales performance.

The SAP Hybris CEC Suite

Your digital transformation journey is important to us. That’s why we invest in innovation and always ensure we have a full understanding of your objectives, your business and your structure. Together, with SAP, we can challenge and improve your process execution.
The SAP Hybris CEC Suite empowers organizations to achieve digital integration between sales, service, content and marketing.
It gives you broad and flexible capability whether you have deployed the cloud or on premise and works seamlessly with back-end office systems.
SAP Hybris CEC is the SAP global solution to manage customer engagement and includes:
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Sales:
To manage your sales force, giving them the ability to readily engage with their customers.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Service:
To manage your omnichannel customer requests to ensure a seamless customer service journey.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Commerce:
To manage your e-commerce channel, simplifying customer interactions to deliver a seamless customer experience.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Marketing:
To enable real-time contextual marketing and deliver personalized customer experiences, with the right omnichannel content.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Billing:
To monetize subscription and usage-based services in real-time and exploit fast moving market opportunities

Why choose SAP Hybris CEC?

SAP Hybris CEC is the SAP global solution to manage customer engagement, in one solution SAP Hybris CEC Suite allows you to follow your customer’s interactive journey:
  • from a prospect on your ebusiness website, trade fair, phone call or email or social network
  • through to the whole sales and marketing channel and ongoing service and support
Using marketing segmentation and predictive tools SAP Hybris CEC Suite enables you to manage each step of the sales workflow to engage with your customer, giving them a unique buying experience.
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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers (C4C)

SAP Cloud for Customers (C4C) is the Salesforce and Customer Service solution that is quick and simple to execute and allows you to manage the lifecycle of your customer with 360° vision. The integration of marketing, commerce and service functionalities ensures that each customer has a unique experience whatever the communication channel.
SAP C4C includes mobile interfaces, offering an offline mode, social advanced functions and integration with well-known email editors (Outlook, Gmail, Lotus). It is the ideal solution which allows you to better engage with their customers.
C4C for sales force
  • Management and tracking of sales activities
  • Easy to use
  • 360° customer vision
  • Personalisation of workflows including sales or technical validations, depending on business practices
  • Capability to execute real-time reporting

C4C for customer service
  • Omnichannel customer management: social networks, extranet, phone, email…
  • Track customer requests and after-sales service
  • Knowledge database, catalog and service level management (SLA)
  • Management of installed base, registered product & warranty for after-sales service
Why SAP C4C?
  • No infrastructure is needed with cloud technology
  • Standard integration and synchronization with SAP ERP V6, for a 360° customer view with CRM
  • Friendly user experience
  • Accessible in mobility on all devices, with a disconnected mode on IOS/Android smartphone and IOS tablet
  • A modular solution that can evolve
  • Analytics tools: dashboards and reporting


SAP C4C, integrated with SAP ECC, gives the metal cable manufacturer a sales platform for growth

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