Optimise your maintenance or service scheduling in SAP



What is Ready4 Advanced Scheduling?

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling simplifies and optimises maintenance and field service scheduling, so you can effectively manage all your work scheduling along with human resources and toolings in SAP.

Fully integrated with SAP, it provides a graphic, efficient and centralised view for all your operational maintenance scheduling. Using drag and drop functionality you can quickly achieve all your scheduling and resources allocation activities in one place.

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Why use Ready4 Advanced Scheduling?

Companies maintenance or service departments need to be able to organize their work execution with enough flexibility to reach their target in terms of assets availability or meet market and SLA requirements, whilst maintaining and improving customer satisfaction. But they need to do so without increasing their costs which is a difficult balance to achieve.

Keeping the costs low while improving performance can only be done through work and resource optimisation. Whether it’s labour, machine or material utilisation, making the best use of resources on the right job at the right moment provides a wealth of efficiency benefits and allows you to remain agile.

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling supports your work, human resource and tooling scheduling across all your service and maintenance tasks.

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Who is Ready4 Advanced Scheduling for?

R4AS is designed for work orders and resources scheduling for the maintenance and field service line of business. Since it runs directly in SAP, it is suited for any industries. Whether you are in chemical, construction, pharmaceutical, utilities, food, service… R4AS is a solution for you as long as you run SAP.

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Integration with SAP

Ready4 Advanced Scheduling is available as an SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution and is fully integrated with your SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system.


Key benefits of Ready4 Advanced Scheduling

The brand-new graphical user experience is what you would expect from a state-of-the-art web app and simplifies the work of your schedulers in the following ways: 

  • Deploy the powerful graphical user interface for work scheduling and optimisation of resource utilisation
  • Fully integrated with maintenance, service, HR, inventory, purchasing and project modules of SAP​
  • Integration with Google Maps enables 360-degree view of assets, technicians and customer site locations with real time traffic information and route preparation
  • Mobility integration enabling work order to be sent directly to your technician’s mobile devices for execution

100% SAP solution providing a fully integrated, future proof solution.

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IoT and Scheduling

By implementing Ready4 Advanced Scheduling and SAP Leonardo IoT, you can achieve a truly agile and immediate response to malfunctions and prevent otherwise costly breakdowns.

For example, based on the asset and various definable thresholds, SAP Leonardo Platform can generate a work order in your SAP backend system. This urgent job is immediately visible in Ready4 Advanced Scheduling so you can make informed decisions on how to handle this break in the schedule with efficient resource allocation and assigning relevant operational staff to the task.

With Ready4 Advanced Scheduling, users can see at a glance the current scheduling and conflicts, providing better visibility of resolution and further agility to reassign resources on the fly if required.

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Mobilising your maintenance and service operation

You can take advantage of further potential efficiency savings when considering plugins such as Movilizer, a cloud solution specifically for field operations, empowering enterprises to deploy nimble and dynamic field strategies. By implementing Ready4 Advanced Scheduling and Movilizer, you can achieve a truly end-to-end, maintenance and service scheduling and execution solution.

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