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Delivering efficient and timely SAP support today

Helping achieve your business objectives is our priority. Our flexible onsite and remote support brings you competent development, methodology, centralised planning and resourcing to the areas where you need it most, using best practice ITIL processes.

Manage and control your SAP environment with ease and accountability

SAP Solution Manager is a state-of-the-art management platform that enables us to drive integrated support engagement to your SAP systems and users. It gives us a central point of access to your system landscape making support more effective and streamlining the management of problems and requests, as well as providing root cause analysis.
With SAP Solution Manager we can easily manage and control SAP environment changes with established approvals processes for change requests, ensuring traceability and accountability.

Knowledge Transfer all the way

Knowledge transfer is a critical part of our support service to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. We will engage in a combination of pragmatic training and ‘learning on the job’ to build and document our knowledge of the required information transfer.


Partner Centre of Expertise certified 2018


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300 SAP supported customers


SAP EMEA Partner Excellence Award 2017 for Innovation

What is the right level for you?

End user support

End user support is typically handled at two levels – helpdesk and key users. The help desk supports horizontal functionality used in the wider user community, with the key users supporting more specialised departments and specific functions within your organisation.

An efficient 1st line support will typically handle 70% of your end user questions and is essential for any application management team, with issues only escalated to more senior, experienced consultants when the need arises.


Functional Application Support

Functional support covers advanced support for incident handling and change request management. It is usually managed with a mix of flexible resources on-site as well as remote support, depending on your budget and requirements. For incident handling our first objective is to remove the business impact to you as soon as possible. Although we cannot guarantee to solve the issue immediately, we will always put a work-around in place, so you have business continuity. This enables us to work on the actual incident under a lower priority structure, allowing us to engage the right skill set and expertise to achieve a permanent resolution.


Technical Application Support

To help your existing teams, our centralised European technical services team is responsible for remote monitoring and technical interventions, as well as 24/7 operations. This service has won many awards for customer satisfaction, and our 25 strong team is always on stand-by, ready for you on demand.

Hosting support services

Hosting support gives you a range of benefits including guaranteed availability of your systems, back-up and disaster recovery. Developed with our hosting partner T-Systems, Managed Multi Cloud gives you the best value for money for your cloud infrastructures letting you decide how you want to run your SAP solutions. It gives you the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go flexible monthly subscription service, so no initial investment is needed.

SOA People is on hand to give you immediate and remote support to suit your business requirements. Cost effective business continuity is essential, and we can be completely flexible in the way that you engage with us. Our overall aim is to reduce the running costs and efficiency of your SAP landscape.

For more details of any of our services, and how they can be quickly adapted and up and running for your organisation:

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