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Credit Management gives 360-degree view of trading and services

The SAP Risk Management module from SOA People matches BayWa’s extensive requirements perfectly. The software provides a complete overview of trading and services, giving accurate and up-to-date valuations of its debtors.
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BayWa AG is a leading international retail and service company with business activities in the three core segments of agriculture, energy and construction - elementary needs such as nutrition, housing, mobility and heat are supplied from a single source. The company combines its traditional regional commitment in agriculture with international activities such as: the operation of climate greenhouses in Abu Dhabi. Internationally, BayWa is becoming strong in the future market of renewable energies, such as with photovoltaic systems in African Zambia. In its core regions of Southern Germany and Austria, BayWa is one of the leading providers in the building materials trade for commercial and domestic customers.

The Challenge

The digitisation of BayWa is consistently pursued in all areas. Consequently, credit management also needed to be brought up to date.

Before the introduction of the SOA People SAP Credit Management Suite, credit approval at BayWa AG was a manual process. Inquiries for trade credit insurance, for example, ran through the insurer’s online platform; there was no interface to the credit management system.

Following an analysis of all suppliers available on the market, BayWa selected SOA People, whose modules have already been successfully used by another member of the group RWA in Vienna.

Processing the numerous BayWa customers in the agricultural, construction and energy segments requires very differentiated processes. A central assessment of the company’s overall risks was essential and obtaining an overall rating in the portfolio was feasible.

A further challenge was the enormous volume of data and a complex approvals procedure, with around 90 clerks needing to carry out this as part of their day-to-day business. The deciding factor for BayWa was the modular IT system that could be easily integrated in SAP with uniform processes.

The previously used software needed to be replaced in order to access options for flexible extensions and due to BayWa’s huge customer base, large amounts of data would also need to be handled.


  • BayWa now benefits from the convenience of accurate and up-todate valuations of its debtors
  • Large amounts of data are processed in short periods of time
  • Seamless SAP integration makes work easier
  • The processes in Credit
  • Management are constantly being optimised, resulting in a high degree of transparency
  • BayWa is development partner of cormeta
“It was particularly important to us to find a reliable partner,” says Tina Haus-Bienert, Head of Credit Management at BayWa AG,