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Chemicals - SAP - Credit Management Platform

Tailored Credit Management Solution for the Agricultural trade

HaGe required expert knowledge to assist with credit checks, rating and credit insurance. The seamless integration of SOA People’s Credit Management Suite optimised daily work processes and gave access to real-time data
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The HaGe Group, with its parent company Hauptgenossenschaft Nord AG, Kiel, is one of the largest agricultural trade companies in Germany with sales of € 2.2 billion (2016). The Group employs around 1,577 (2016) people. In wholesale, HaGe supplies the entire German market with fertiliser, pesticides and seeds via its subsidiary BSL.

The Challenge

The company was looking for expert knowledge in the field of credit management in order to review, critically scrutinise and optimise existing processes. The main requirement was a SAP integrated solution to bring together and include the comprehensive processes in the field of credit checks, scoring, rating and credit insurance.


  • A reduction in manual effort
  • Optimisation of daily work processes due to readily available credit information
  • Accurate and real-time call estimates of debtors
  • Seamless SAP integration
“This has been well received by employees so far; the potential, however, is not exhausted yet, but can be expanded further.” Dennis Stahn, Head of Credit Management at Hauptgenossenschaft Nord AG.