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 CIMO optimises maintenance operations to enhance customer experience

CIMO Compagnie industrielle de Monthey SA selects Ready4 Asset Management, an SAP solution to optimise its maintenance operations and deliver a more efficient service     to its customers.
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CIMO employs 450 people and provides industrial services to the main chemical companies at the Monthey industrial site.

The Challenge

Its goal was to improve its planning and maintenance operations to offer the very best quality of service to its customers and move away from its current time consuming systems. 


Implementing Ready4 Asset Management (R4AM), with its mobile capabilities will be fully integrated into CIMO’s current SAP and ultimately, after a pilot being launched, support its 5 planners and 100 users in the field. 

The solution from SOA People aims to standardise work-flows between operations and maintenance, allowing CIMO to plan intervention requests effectively and ensure its internal resources can meet customer demand.  CIMO will also improve the planning and scheduling and will carry out and monitor maintenance interventions in the field using the mobile apps. 

Using the latest R4AM dashboards showing real-time data, the company will have an accurate overview of maintenance activities at all times and users in the field will have access to work orders and technical documentation to help improve the quality of maintenance being carried out. 

Gael Kalt, Head of Maintenance, CIMO: "This project is a keystone in building CIMO’s future and will help us to bring more conformity, responsibility and equipment availability for the benefit of our customers. It is also a good way to leverage our investment in SAP."

Hervé Voilquin, Managing Director, SOA People “We are confident that our R4AM solution will reduce the administrative work for CIMO’s technicians and improve data quality leading to reduced intervention times.   The new system is business oriented, very user-friendly and will help CIMO deliver value to its customers.”