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Discrete Manufacturing - SAP - Credit Management Platform

Metabo automates over 90% of credit management processes

Power tools firm Metabo selects Ready4 Credit Management to automate its credit processes and receive real-time external credit reports directly integrated into its SAP system.
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German-based Metabo has been supplying power tools for 90 years and offers mains-powered and compressed air solutions for use in the workshop, construction site and in industrial production. Its vision of a cordless construction site is driving the firm to become a leader in battery pack technology and holds over 700 patents and property rights. Metabo has 25 subsidiaries and more than 100 agencies worldwide, employing 2,000 people, with 1,200 based in Nürtingen, Germany.

The Challenge

Risk awareness is a key strategy at Metabo and so wanted to minimise bad debts through early identification of payment default risks.  Metabo’s current risk awareness solution was incumbent and needed a more rigorous, automated and efficient SAP-based solution to optimise and accelerate its credit processes. It also wanted to provide the best customer service by having efficient, reliable and audit-proof technology using automation.


Metabo chose SOA People and Ready4 Credit Management to quickly transform its credit management processes and achieve over 90% automation to free up the credit management team so they could focus on more complex customer credit issues.


  • Seamlessly integrates with SAP giving direct access to credit rating bureaus such as Creditreform for up-to-date credit reports.
  • Complete control of the credit management lifecycle from initial request to release of credit limit
  • Transparent credit risk system to ensure clear audit-proof processes.
  • Early identification of payment default risk using real-time data to make objective credit assessments.
  • Streamlined, paperless processes that automatically manage insurance contracts to save time and money.
The competence of the SOA People consultants was extraordinarily high due to their years of experience in credit management and application development. We felt in safe hands, with the project being implemented within the planned period and budget