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Stahl redefines HR to meet the needs of a global workforce

Stahl wanted to streamline and automate its HR processes using a global approach. Now it can effectively manage its global workforce using SAP SuccessFactors, with self-service capabilities to increase employee engagement.
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Stahl is a global leader in the speciality chemistry of coatings, processing and treatments, offering best in class solutions to the automotive, apparel and home interior industries. Headquartered in the Netherlands, it has 1,800 employees in 24 countries.

The Challenge

Stahl is on a digital transformation journey for its HR and needed a global approach to help support all its employees. Stahl set out to streamline its HR processes so that best practices could be applied and implemented internationally and then could be rolled out at a local level alongside self-service capability. Selecting the right technology to support the transformation was paramount and would play a vital role in increasing employee engagement.


Stahl extended its current HR management platform SAP SuccessFactors to empower employees to achieve their own goals as well as ensuring corporate compliance and governance across global activities.  It implemented additional HR modules including Employee Central, Compensation and Performance and Goals which was quick to implement.  Self-service capabilities now allows employees to easily access HR dashboards and instantly view what they need, from eLearning, salary reviews to performance and goals.


  • Stahl effectively manages its global workforce with SAP SuccessFactors
  • Additional modules implemented including Employee Central, Compensation and Performance & Goals
  • Self-service capabilities reduce administration burden and increases employee engagement
  • HR processes are streamlined and automated giving staff across 24 countries easy access to their HR dashboard
  • Confidence in the quality of its HR information at both a local and international level
  • Employees can view and process activities such as salary information and eLearning without HR intervention
  • Appropriate access rights are assigned according to employee role and responsibility which keeps HR data confidential and secure
“Our HR digital transformation is about increasing the employee engagement index, through a better employee experience. To achieve this, we need the right technology to help us drive our global HR processes, and at the same time reduce the effort of our small dedicated HR team.”