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Van Marcke optimises its maintenance and customer service experience

Van Marcke, the specialised distribution company supplying heat and water solutions through its own network and third party retailers, has selected SOA People’s Ready4 Asset Management and SAP Customer Service to simplify its growing maintenance service operations.
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The specialist wholesaler distributes bathrooms, heating installations, plumbing and installation materials and sustainable solutions for heating and water. A market leader in Belgium, Van Marcke also has a commercial presence in France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA and Malta.

The Challenge

The Group had outgrown its local-based legacy system finding the functionality increasingly limited and not fit for purpose as it strove to expand its after sales customer service experience. At the same time, the organisation was going through a digital transformation to migrate onto an SAP landscape.


As an existing customer of SOA People deploying other SAP-integrated solutions such as Ready4 Credit Management, Van Marcke was taken through a demonstration of Ready4 Asset Management. The company experienced first-hand the platform’s capability and scope of functionality that transforms maintenance and field service operations. Confident that the latest version of this software would meet its needs for after sales customer service set up and ongoing maintenance appointments, Van Marcke selected the R4AM platform from SOA People.

R4AM, with its workflow dashboards, appointment platform and work preparation cockpit, will be fully integrated with SAP Customer service and give Van Marcke a powerful platform to support its maintenance and after sales service operations, and provide transparency and control of its spare parts management. Once fully integrated, the platform will deliver end-to-end workflows and provide a complete operational-focused support to over 50 service technicians, support staff and sub-contractors in their day-to-day workload and responsibilities.


  • Access to workflow dashboards, appointment platforms and work preparation cockpit.
  • Fully integrated with SAP Customer Service.
  • Delivers end-to-end workflows, providing operational support to 50 service technicians.
  • Provides transparency and control of its spare parts management.
  • Supports after-sale customer service and on-going maintenance appointments.
“We were aware of R4AM for a couple of years and knew it had the potential to deliver what we were looking for. When we met with SOA People for a live demonstration it was clear they had listened carefully to our requirements and taken the time to understand our business needs. The solution, with its customer service module, planning board and mobile access gives us a very flexible solution as we look to grow our after sales customer service operations.”