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Machine Learning to enhance your credit management processes

Paul Smitherman |

How emerging technologies are helping credit managers to uncover hidden risk, find new opportunities and increase productivity

When online retailers like Amazon send you a personalised offer – or show you a related advert on multiple devices – that’s machine learning.  No longer a futuristic technology, ML today assists with fraud detection in banking, in stock market predictions for investors and much more.

Download our ebook and find out how machine learning tools could help your enterprise work more smartly with its credit management. In the ebook you will discover:

How AI and ML will improve your credit management processes

Using machine learning models, credit managers can now analyse large amounts of data and detect new dependencies, interactions and patterns that can lead to meaningful insights. These insights help credit management professionals identify revenue-generating opportunities and uncover hidden risk more easily and quickly.

Now you can design your own intelligent SAP Credit Management system and drive order-to-cash processes, all powered by machine-learning. The results are really smart tools that enhance the credit manager’s analytic and decision-making capabilities.

Powered by SAP Leonardo

Find out how SAP Cloud Platform works as a service model (PaaS) to make it possible to implement different types of machine learning. It uses data available in your SAP HANA database with advanced service applications, powered by the SAP Leonardo portfolio.

4 tips on how to make the case for ML

To maximise the full potential of ML without damaging business relationships, you’ll need to overcome the different challenges that arise from using this emerging technology. From the ethics of ML, to data privacy and security, make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your credit management processes.

Machien learning credit managers

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