How do you secure a healthier cash flow to drive sustainable growth?

Paul Smitherman |

Your everyday business activities will undoubtedly be affecting your cash flow and producing risks to your overall financial stability. Unpaid invoices may be increasing your operational financial needs, or you are having to write off more bad debts due to payment defaults. Maybe you didn’t have the right information in time to find out that your customer was about to become insolvent or had changed their payment behaviour. There might also be payment delays due to your database not having up to date or incorrect customer addresses.

Whatever the issues, these sorts of pain points are likely to result in higher operational costs due to the extra workload required to resolve them. Watch our SAP Festival video on how to effectively handle cash flow and DSO risk. Find out more about how to digitise your credit policies and trade credit insurance contracts, automate workloads and gain a portfolio risk overview. The video also gives you an insight into what Ready4 Credit Management integrated with SAP can do for you.

Watch the video from the recent SAP Festival: