Credit Management Suite

Managing your credit risk with the right SAP resource tool

Credit risk exists in every business. Bad debt, losses, dispute management and liquidity are just some of the issues that organisations often face. 
That’s why SOA People has developed the SAP Credit Management Suite. Designed to help you minimise risk and boost corporate results, this credit management resource tool effectively helps to proactively avoid bad debt losses and sustainably increase your company’s success.

Credit Management Suite – the resource tool for your credit management operations in SAP

Because Credit Management Suite is seamlessly integrated into your ERP / SAP environment it is completely in line with all of SAP’s technology and processes.  It covers:

Credit insurance management Risk management Dispute management ABS/ factoring management Collection management Information management
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Credit Management Suite offers sophisticated solutions to optimize your business processes, giving you the ability to create in-depth credit checks and objective limit assignments based on external and internal sources of information and combined with dynamic risk classification – all essential for efficient credit management.

Credit Management Suite helps you with your SAP credit management by supporting you in the following ways:

• In-depth credit check
• Objective limit assignment
• Connection to external credit reporting agencies
• Internal sources of information for transparent business processes
• Dynamic risk classification
• Comprehensive reporting

What benefits does SAP Credit Management Suite give you?

• No system failure due to seamless integration in SAP
• No additional hardware necessary
• Quick and affordable introductory projects (since SAP is already being used)
• Extensive IT and user support due to the SAP-compliant support line
• Effective support of time-critical decisions
• Event-driven management
• Quick online communication
• Individual component selection based on standard software
• Extensive process support, including absolutely everything from information to payment pools

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