How to optimise your Credit management



Digital Challenges of credit risk management

Credit risk exists in every business. Bad debt, losses, dispute management and liquidity are just some of the issues that organisations often face.

SOA People has developed the SAP Credit Management Suite to help you minimise risk and boost corporate result, by effectively helping you to proactively avoid bad debt losses and sustainably increase your company’s success.

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Best practices for managing your cash position and liquidity

Today more than ever businesses need to monitor their cash position and liquidity. A reliable cash flow needs robust processes that focus on prevention rather than response.

While technology solutions make it easier for businesses to manage credit risk, we recommend following our best practice for your credit management. Our five rules, centred around customer insights, are what smart credit managers should know by heart.

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Predict credit risks and make the best decisions


Good risk management is about getting all your data together in one place, hard and soft facts, and being able integrate it with your own automated credit scoring and decision workflow process.

To do this you need to optimise visibility of this data on one screen. SAP Credit Management gives you a Risk Management module which, when integrated with your financial accounting, gives you a scorecard based on external credit information sources and weighted using information on your SAP system such as own payment behaviour and sales force surveys. You’ll get an automated credit limit so you will know how much credit a customer is worth to mitigate the risk.

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Discover how the company Bridgestone rolls out a fully integrated suite of credit management tools

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Improve your Debt recovery management

Did you know that up to 40% of your company’s assets could be held in outstanding invoices? Inefficiencies in the invoice-to-cash-cycle can cause a high DSO and quickly lead to liquidity problems.  SAP Credit Management enables you to put into place effective dispute and collection processes, helping you to increase your working capital.

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Manage your credit insurance contracts

One of the most effective tools to consider for minimising bad debt risk while moving into new markets is trade credit insurance. Trade credit insurance supports business expansion safely and strategically by enabling you to offer credit to new customers in new sectors and locations as well as to expand credit lines to existing ones without increasing your risk.


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Increase your cash flow with factoring

One of the major challenges for medium-sized and large companies is how to finance the lack of equity capital in order to develop the business and benefit from expanding market opportunities. A viable alternative to a bank loan is factoring.


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Credit check your customers and suppliers

Often credit is awarded based on the creditworthiness of the worst customers since these are most sensitive to financial changes and failures in trade. You need a reliable credit system to detect and monitor their creditworthiness at all times. Discover how to safeguard your organisation by gaining insight into stakeholder creditworthiness before contracts are signed.


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Discover how to optimise your Credit Management process in SAP online through these different modules:

  • Credit Information Management: to connect to corporate information companies
  • Risk Management: for a dashboard that consolidates internal and external information
  • Credit Insurance Management: to integrate the management of credit insurance contracts
  • Dispute Management: to speed up dispute resolution and debt payment
  • Factoring Management: to manage factoring contracts

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Expertise to help you with your credit management

Our SAP Credit Management Suite is the resource tool for all your credit management operations in SAP. Because the SAP Credit Management Suite is seamlessly integrated into your ERP/SAP environment it is completely in line with all of SAP’s technology and processes.

Talk to our experts today and ask for a demonstration of how our SAP Credit Management Suite could help you minimise your risk and boost corporate results.


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