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The benefits of a compelling employer brand to attract top talent

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Finding, attracting and retaining top talent is key in a world where the distance between personal goals and professional goals has never been so strained.

Although traditional recruitment methods remain valid, establishing and maintaining a compelling employer brand can strengthen your organisation’s appeal to attract the best candidates, especially in a region such as Luxembourg where the need to expand its scope to job seekers is crucial.

With an active population almost permanently connected to the Internet and social media, and job seekers using both the Google search engine and more traditional job sites, it has never been so important to ensure effective communication and visibility on these different media.

Finally, your organisation’s appeal depends greatly on employee engagement and satisfaction rates. By enabling employees to recommend candidates and be more actively involved in the recruitment process, building a pool of quality candidates is greatly simplified.

To achieve these objectives you need a powerful computer tool with integrated reporting that enables job seekers to view and interact with your organisation in a variety of ways.

Any tools must ultimately make it possible to optimize recruitment costs through more targeted work and ideal use of pay channels such as job sites.

SOA People has developed a solution, Ready to Run*, that adopts this approach and enables you to:

  • Offer an appealing and easy to use recruitment section on your website, which can be accessed via desktop and tablets or smartphones, not requiring technical intervention for the distribution of job offers and is optimized for effective SEO by Google
  • Post job offers on a variety of media such as job sites, LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook, with one click
  • Manage your marketing activity with targeted mailing campaigns to the pool of interesting candidates
  • Simply manage the job vacancy recommendations and employee co-optation process in case of recruitment
  • Have an on-board reporting platform with a variety of "out-of-the-box" dashboards and reports available.

Send an email at for more information and a demo.

SOA People Ready-To-Run is a solution based on the SAP SuccessFactors cloud platform

By Jean-Noël Henin, HRIS Expert at SOA People

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