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    Discover in this box our unique platform, Performer, to benchmark your performance and optimise your SAP business process management. Assess the value and create the business cases that will save you time and money.
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    Why and how measuring the value of your SAP projects improves performance

    Discover during this webinar replay the reasons to measure the benefits of an SAP project after Go Live.


    Why are Value Management and process mining complementary?

    Combining value management and process mining techniques can help generate greater business value for your organisation. Find out how you can...

    4 min.

    How value tracking contributes directly to business performance

    Sharing proof of the ‘value’ of your SAP investments and their benefits within the business to senior level management and stakeholders is not...

    2 min.

    Autoneum selects Performer to manage cash flow and auditing processes

    Autoneum, a global market and technology leader in acoustic and thermal management for vehicles, has selected SOA People to implement Performer to...

    1 min.


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