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Best practices for effective skills management

Philippe Boulicaut |

Competency management can be essential when the company's performance is measured in its ability to combine them with the mastery of technologies. As a leading global publisher of talent management, SOA People can show you the best practices used for their SAP SuccessFactors customers.

Companies that apply best practices first define a competency model that applies to all stages of talent management: 

  • Acquisition of talents (recruitment)
  • Performance evaluation
  • Managerial development
  • Succession planning and management of job profiles

These companies ensure that during the design phase of the competency catalog or catalogs, that all employees speak the same technical language to describe and name the key competencies (employee, manager, HR team, management team). 

Once the skills are defined, they are immediately linked to the profiles. They can therefore identify the skills that the "TOP PERFORMERS" possess in the company and the skills to be sought through new positions.

These companies are also implementing a systematic skills assessment as part of the performance process, in order to be able to answer the question "how has this performance been accomplished". With the Successfactors Performance & Goals solution, which enables an integrated management of skills, the manager can evaluate his whole team on the basis of common skills.

Once this assessment is completed, HR teams can compare the level of skills required with the expected level in key positions in the organisation. If necessary, the gap found between certain skills required can be solved either by external recruitment or by offering specific training.

Using an integrated solution such as SuccessFactors allows them to instantly identify the training courses available in the company's training catalog, using career development and training modules.

By measuring managerial skills within the company, HR teams are able to easily manage a job start or transfer. They identify individuals sharing the same skills, for example by using the search for skills embedded in the employee profile, a feature included in the SuccessFactors solution.

Finally, these companies are proactive in managing the retirement of individuals, being able to collect key skills posts and ensure that they do not disappear.

The effective management of skills is based on the application of knowledge, know-how and employee skills in the service of the company's strategy. SOA People supports their integrated management by applying best practices with SAP SuccessFactors.

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