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SOA People Group acquires Danish software and SAP consultancy firm 2BM

SOA People - July 5, 2022


Rebrand of Inventy

SOA People - January 7, 2021


SOA People takes over INVENTY and its flagship product PERFORMER

SOA People - April 20, 2020


Ensuring everyone’s health, security and business continuity in light of Covid-19

SOA People - March 18, 2020


SOA People launches 2019 Supply Chain Management and Finance training Academy

SOA People - September 12, 2019

Business Application

Gain more control of your customer returns process with the SOA People FIORI App

SOA People - May 28, 2019

Business Application

How to deploy SAP Fiori easily and transform User Experience?

SOA People - March 8, 2019

Business Trend

How to quickly bring Business Agility and innovation with SAP Cloud Platform?

SOA People - March 7, 2019


SOA People launches its Ready 4 Advanced Scheduling as SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged solution

SOA People - January 23, 2019

Credit Management


SOA People - November 12, 2018


Strategy and best practices for migrating to S/4HANA: Interview from the VP of S/4HANA Development

SOA People - November 5, 2018

Cloud and Hosting

T-Systems and SOA People extend their collaboration for IoT

SOA People - November 2, 2018

Business Application

SAP: new opportunities for Android mobile app development

SOA People - September 11, 2018

Cloud and Hosting

Choosing the right managed hosting solution for your SAP systems

SOA People - August 27, 2018

Business Trend

Intelligent ERP– Part 2: Is SAP S/4HANA Cloud ready for prime time?

SOA People - July 12, 2018

Business Trend

Intelligent ERP - Part 1: What is SAP S/4HANA public cloud?

SOA People - July 11, 2018

Business Trend

Is AI a useful addition to your ERP with SAP CoPilot?

SOA People - June 20, 2018

Asset management

6 challenges to manage Maintenance and Customer Service resource efficiency

SOA People - June 5, 2018

Business Application

Why S/4HANA Embedded Analytics means faster operational decisions?

SOA People - May 21, 2018

Credit Management

Are you ready to manage your credit risk in the digital age?

SOA People - May 15, 2018