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Getting the right tool on the right job

Paul Smitherman - March 14, 2019


Top 5 reasons why you should consider a B2B portal

Tamas Szirtes - March 13, 2019

Digital Transformation

What should companies be thinking about now to make digital transformation a success?

Paul Smitherman - March 11, 2019

Digital Transformation

3 Steps to empower the Finance Team to become your proactive business partner

Paul Smitherman - March 11, 2019

User Experience

How to deploy SAP Fiori easily and transform User Experience?

SOA People - March 8, 2019


How to quickly bring Business Agility and innovation with SAP Cloud Platform?

SOA People - March 7, 2019

Credit Management

The 5 rules for ensuring a health cash flow and sustainable business

Paul Smitherman - February 21, 2019

Credit Management

Are invoices in dispute threatening your cash flow?

Paul Smitherman - February 20, 2019

User Experience

How to make your SAP Fiori delivery easy?

Paul Smitherman - February 13, 2019

User Experience

Debunk your misunderstandings - SAP Fiori is a better future for your user experience

Paul Smitherman - January 31, 2019